Students registered for a PhD or Masters degree in 2017

Zakeen Ghela MMed Wits University
Lorraine Molepo Msc Wits University
Floidy Wafawanaka MSc University of the North West
Vuyokazi Jezile MSc Epidemiology Wits University
Eilidh Cowan MSc Global Health University of Aberdeen
Sulaimon Afolabi phD Wits University
Lisa Albert phD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
Stephanie DeLong phD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
Sarah Downs phD Wits University
David Etoori phD London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
Robert Eyre phD University of Warwick
Jennifer Hove phD Wits University
Laith Hussein phD Gothenberg University
Chodziwadziwa Whiteson Kabudula phD Wits University
Felix Limbani phD Wits University
Mandy Maredza phD Wits University
Alyssa Mooney phD University of California (San Fransisco)
Grace Mulholland phD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
Fezile Ndkuki phD Wits University
Nadia Nguyen phD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
Titilola Pedro phD Wits University
Chantel Pheiffer phD Brown University
Jessica Price phD Oxford University
Wendy Rabotho phD Wits University
Kirsten Rowe phD Oxford University
Tshegofatso Seabi phD Wits University
Cassandra Soo phD Wits University
Rhian Twine phD Wits University
Caylee Cook phD University of Cape Town
June Fabian phD Wits University
Makhosazane Nomhle Khoza phD Wits University
Simone Tomaz phD University of Cape Town
Aviva Tugendhaft phD Wits University
Mark Gross Post-doc Brown University
Noah Haber Post-doc University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
Kelly Kilburn Post-doc University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
Anna Leddy Post-doc University of California (San Fransisco)
Marie Stoner Post-doc University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
Jocelyn Watkins Post-doc University of Warwick
Paul Wesson Post-doc University of California (San Fransisco)

Graduated Students – 2007 to June 2015

Masters students
Henry Ndengejeho
Qualification: MA (2007)
Title: Linking household wealth and resource use: a case study in the Agincourt rural district of South Africa
Rhian Twine
Qualification: MPH (2007)
Title: Number of people with difficulty seeing detected by community rehabilitation workers in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, with special reference to cataracts
Akeem Ketlogetswe
Qualification: MSc (2007)
Title: Does migration improve child survival: Agincourt South Africa 2002?
Mark Collinson
Qualification: MSc (Med) (2007)
Title: Health impacts of social transition: A study of female temporary migration and its impact on child mortality in rural South Africa
Le Quyen Duong
Qualification: MSc (2007)
Title: Sexually transmitted disease prevention: knowledge, attitudes, and practices among school pupils in rural Ghana
Pallavi Marathe (Lele)
Qualification: MSc (2008)
Title: Assessment of consistency between self reported health status and performance based health status (functionality) as measures of health status of adults in the Kassena-Nankana District, Ghana at the beginning of the 21st century
Christian Schaetti
Qualification: MSc (2008)
Title: Cultural epidemiology and self-management of type 2 diabetes in rural South Africa: a pilot study
Didier Bakajika
Qualification: MSc (Med) (2008)
Title: Childhood mortality and socioeconomic status in the Agincourt Health and Demographic Surveillance site in 2003, South Africa
Penny Crowther-Gibson
Qualification: MSc (Med) (2008)
Title: The association between household food security and mortality in children under-five years of age in Agincourt, Limpopo Province, in 2004
Natsayi Chimbindi
Qualification: MSc (2008)
Title: Determinants of condom use among young adults aged 15-24 years in the Africa Centre Demographic Surveillance area in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, 2005
Agetta Akii
Qualification: MSc (2009)
Title: Immunization status and childhood mortality in Agincourt, South Africa in 2004, is there an association?
Andrew Anguko
Qualification: MSc (2009)
Title: The effect of marital status and education level on HIV/Aids mortality in rural Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Tabither Gitau
Qualification: MSc (2009)
Title: The association between post-weaning dietary patterns at age 1 and growth at age 2 from the Birth-To-Twenty cohort study, South Africa
Malerato Mosiane
Qualification: MSc (Med) (2009)
Title: Mortality and violence in Agincourt, a rural area of South Africa
Keegan Kautzky
Qualification: MPH (2009)
Title: Children left behind: The effects of temporary labour migration on child care and residence patterns in rural South Africa
Oscar Bangre
Qualification: MSc (2009)
Title: Household and individual level factors associated with HIV infection in Kwazulu Natal
Evance Ouma Illah
Qualification: MSc (2010)
Title: Assessment of risk factors associated with maternal mortality in rural Tanzania
Richard Nagai
Qualification: MSc (2011)
Title: Levels and factors associated with maternal death in Agnicourt,a rural sub-district of Mpumalanga Province,South Africa
Charfudin Sacoor
Qualification: MSc (2011)
Title: Migration patterns in rural KwaZulu Natal, and the association with adult HIV infection
Mildred Shabangu
Qualification: MA (2011)
Title: The odds of progressing from first to second birth in the context of HIV/AIDS and fertility decline in Agincourt rural area of South Africa.
Ryan Wagner
: MSc (2011)
Title: Mavabyi ya ku wa? The prevalence of and risk factors for epilepsy in a rural South African surveillance site.
Mosehle Noriah Matabane
Qualification: MPH (2011)
Title: Socio-demographic factors associated with morbidity in children under-five years in Agincourt HDSS in 2006
Jennifer Albon
Qualification: MDev (2011)
Title: Socioeconomic and demographic factors influencing immunization acquisition in children of self settled Mozambican refugees and South African children in the Agincourt subdistrict, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Basetsana Malefi Phetoane
Qualification: MA (2012)
Title: The effect of socio-demographic, socio-economic and environmental factors on under five mortality in South Africa: Analysis of the 1998 South African demographic health survey
James Duworko
MSc (2014)
Title: Perinatal outcomes in Agincourt
Songelwao Chris
MSC (2014)
Title: Co-existence of obesity and poverty in a rural South African community
Doctoral students
Kathleen Kahn
Qualification: PhD (2006)
Title: Dying to make a fresh start: Mortality and health transition in a new South Africa
Myles Connor
Qualification: PhD (2007)
Title: A racial and urban-rural comparison of the nature of stroke in South Africa
Stephen Tollman
Qualification: PhD (2008)
Title: Closing the Gap: Applying health and socio-demographic surveillance to complex health transitions in South and sub-Saharan Africa
Catherine Ogunmefun
Qualification: PhD (2008)
Title: The impacts of adult HIV/AIDS mortality on elderly women and their households in rural South Africa
Mark Collinson
Qualification: PhD (2009)
Title: Striving against adversity: The dynamics of migration, health and poverty in rural South Africa.
Elizabeth Kimani-Murage
Qualification: PhD (2010)
Title: Exploring the paradox: Double burden of malnutrition in rural South Africa
Charles Kimpolo
Qualification: PhD (2010)
Title: Deterministic dynamics in questionnaires in the social sciences
Sakhumzi Mfecane
Qualification: PhD (2010)
Title: Exploring masculinities in the context of ARV use: A study of men living with HIV in a South African village
Melissa Cortina
PhD (2010)
Title: Children’s mental health in a rural, socioeconomically disadvantaged area of South Africa
Laura Patterson
Qualification: PhD (2011)
Title: Socioeconomic Status and Adult Mortality Shocks at the Agincourt Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (AHDSS) in rural South Africa
Benn Sartorius
Qualification: PhD (2011)
Title: Who dies where, when and why? Modelling determinants and space-time risk of infant, child and adult mortality in rural South Africa, 1992-2008.
Brian Houle
Qualification: PhD (2012)
Title: Bio-Social Determinants of Child and Adult Mortality in South Africa.
Lori Abler
Qualification: PhD (2012)
Title: Developing a hope scale for young women in South
Tara Polzer Ngwato
Qualification: PhD (2012)
Title: Negotiating Belonging; the integration of Mozambican refugees in South Africa.
Julia Mambo
PhD (2012)
Impacts of HIV/ AIDS mortality on food security and natural resource utilisation in rural South Africa
Marguerite Schneider
Qualification: PhD (2012)
Title: Social life of questionnaires: Exploring respondents’ understanding and interpretation of disability measures
Eustasius Musenge
PhD (2013)
Modelling spatiotemporal patterns of childhood HIV/TB related mortality and malnutrition: Applications to Agincourt data in rural South Africa
Alastair Van Heerden
Qualification: PhD (2013)
Title: Pervasive computing and public health research in Africa: Mobile phones in the collection, analysis and dissemination of health research
S Hirve:
PhD (2013)
Title: In general how do you feel? Self- reported health in the context of ageing in India
Christie Sennott:
PhD (2013)
Title:Modern desires: Family formation patterns in the context of HIV/AIDS in post-apartheid South Africa
Daniel Lopez Ibanez-Gonzalez
PhD (2014)
Title: Accessing health care: A rural-urban comparative case study of adult women with chronic non-communicable disease
Xavier Gómez-Olivé
PhD (2014)
Title: Factors associated with health and well-being of older people in a rural African setting
Meghna Ranganathan
PhD (2014)
Title: Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes for HIV Prevention in South Africa: Understanding the effect of cash transfers on spending patterns of young women and households and the impact on household decision making and social relationships within the family
Ann Gottert
PhD (2014)
Title:Gender norms, masculine gender-role strain, and HIV risk behaviour: Describing new pathways towards reducing HIV vulnerability in rural South African communities.
Molly Rosenburg
: PhD (2014)
Title: The influence of school enrollment and alcohol outlets on sexual risk among rural South African women
Elizabeth Fearon
PhD (2014)
Title: Friendship networks amongst young South African women:Associations with sexual bahaviour and HIV risk
Mercy Hlungani
PhD (2015)
Title: Prevalence and predictors of psychosocial outcomes amongst socioeconomically deprived primary school children in a rural setting in South Africa: The role of ecological factors